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First Ebook 1996-7

John T. Cullen writing as John Argo

= Contents =

1. Neon Blue (April/May 1996 Neon Blue Fiction)

2. Pioneers (Summer 1996 The Haunted Village)

3. This Shoal of Space (Fall 1996 The Haunted Village)

4. CON2: The Generals of October (1997 CTF)

5. Terror in my Arms (1998 Clocktower Fiction CTF)

Other Fiction. C&C (Cullen and Callahan) published a number of shorter works by John Argo (John T. Cullen) starting 1997 or 1998 including stories like Taxi M'Koo and the Helium Drive and Harps. This is all before e-commerce, so we were publishing for free (promotionally). We were the only game in town for a while, and had a fervent audience of readers around the world on all major continents. I still have a lot of the fan mail. More info soon. JTC


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