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= Neon Blue =

First Ebook

John Argo's Novel Online at Dawn of Internet/Digital Publishing

John Argo's Neon Blue, published online in 1996, is the story of young Laurel 'Blue' Humboldt, a new DEA agent in Manhattan who is plunged into a deadly drug investigation involving an international smuggling ring from Colombia. Her investigation takes her coast to coast from New York and Connecticut to Chicago and San Diego.

In the process, she falls in love with two attractive persons. One is John Connor, millionaire importer and former fashion model, a real ladies' man who is searching for deeper meaning in life. The other is a breathtakingly beautiful, lesbian San Diego police detective named Martha Yee. Which will she choose in this triangle of temptation? She can't wait long to think because a razor slasher is after her and the new man in her life, John Connor.

If you liked cozying up with Stieg Larssen's tough, attractive young Lisbeth Salander, you'll love Laurel 'Blue' Humboldt—except Blue was on the scene long before the world learned of the Swedish Girl with Dragon Tattoo.

Neon Blue is a steamy, intriguing suspense novel from the very dawn of Internet publishing. Laurel 'Blue' Humboldt is an attractive young punk DEA agent, martial artist, and grunge musician. While nearly killed during the assassination of a key drug cartel witness in broad daylight on a Manhattan avenue, she becomes the target of the same killers and their evil bosses. Blue has more mystery in her life than just her job. She's struggling with bi gender issues. During her perilous, thrilling journey she must also unravel the mysteries of a love triangle in which she finds herself.

Not only was Neon Blue a radically innovative digital novel in 1996, but the heroine is a young bisexual woman (DEA agent) struggling with her love life amid murder, mayhem, and desperate detective work. Young DEA Special Agent Blue’s first case becomes intensely personal not just with the assassination of a key witness she is transporting in Manhattan, but the cartel-related murder of her dear friend, a married detective named Eddie Stosik in a small Connecticut town.

Propelled by both fear and fury, she pursues the killers to San Diego, where two different showdowns must occur. One is her final, deadly confrontation with a creepy European slasher who is out-badding the Colombians. The other showdown is inside her heart, where love waits for no killer, agent, or detective.

As the case takes her from coast to coast, with a climax in sunny San Diego, does her heart yearn more for beautiful Chinese American detective Martha Yee, or handsome millionaire importer and ex-model John Connor? She can't think too long, because the cartel's ruthless assassin is closing in. Skilled in karate - a statement in punk, rock, tattoos, and art - new 23-year-old college grad and training academy sprout Blue is tricked out with a 9 mm Glock, waving a DEA badge, as she tracks down a trail of corruption involving church officials, Colombian drug mobsters, and other crooks. Things go from personal, when the slasher who is on her trail starts brutally murdering her friends - to desperate when both John Connor and Martha Yee are targets on a murderous path that leads directly to Blue.

Neon Blue by John Argo became the world’s first true online e-book at its initial publication in 1996. This novel attracted world-wide attention in the 1990s, and was a bestseller on line during the early days of Web publishing and e-commerce. Originally published in 1996, it's and now available once again in print, e-book, and HTML editions )see links at upper right on this page). Neon Blue was history’s first novel ever published online for reading in HTML - proprietary, not public domain (Gutenberg-type programs not applicable). Full criteria listed in the interior text of the book and at the Clocktower Books website and museum pages. Neon Blue was a bestseller on line in the original Rocket eBook and Barnes & Noble e-book markets 1999-2001. Our publishing program branched into print-on-demand (POD) while our primary e-book platform in the early 2000s was Fictionwise (2001-2012). We continue to publish titles in POD and e-book formats (including HTML novels), in a vision for a synthesized, digital-first future where content is all the meaning, not the container, and especially not obsolete, desperately struggling delivery systems like those of the entirely foreign-owned New York City five (a rational position, based on four facts and one opinion).

We are, in truth, the real traditional publishing—finally able to assert our First Amendment rights after generations of suppression by the NY cartel. Traditional publishing in reality consists of tens of thousands of small presses like Clocktower Books of San Diego, empowered by the First Amendment as in no other society in history, but bullied and derided for decades as 'vanity' and 'self-pub' and what not by the print bullies who are essentially trying to keep their crumbling 20th Century monopoly from washing downstream (continued bottom right).


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(continued from bottom left…) Neon Blue was one of the first big-gun opening salvos in our increasingly bizarre, corporate-instigated identity crisis in the USA. Just as US citizens struggle to gain control of their rumored democracy, so we as U.S. authors have been freed by modern technologies. The HTML novel pioneered in 1996 is the ultimate liberating, equalizing force because it frees the author from distribution channels where venal wolves, bottom feeders, and sharks feed at the trough of other people's artistic talent and typically steal their intellectual property (copyright) and the income streams derived from those rights. We remain free as HTML publishers online, unless the corporations and their republican political arm (compare: IRA and Sinn Fein) are able to tear the concept of net neutrality from the arms of Lady Liberty in New York Harbor. And the lady is already making a distressed face as the hour grows late.

Neon Blue was the world's first true online e-book for reading online in HTML format rather than on portable media such as floppies. It is proprietary (owned by the author) rather than public domain, which sets it entirely apart from public domain material published by Project Gutenberg and the like. Neon Blue was released in an innovative format of weekly serial chapters, one each Sunday evening for over a year, to resounding kudos from readers around the world. See the Clocktower Books Museum site for more info, including all the criteria enabling us to claim historical status for Neon Blue.